Prophetic Life is an Online Training & Mentoring Course

For prophets, for people interested in arousing the prophetic within themselves, for shepherds & leaders in the body of Christ.

This is a unique mentoring & training course. It is love-based, Christ-centered, and prophetic skills enhancing. You can hone your prophetic skills with a growing number of sincere and loving people that also want to learn and practice the gift of prophecy with new and exciting targets and purposes.

The basic training in love-based prophecy is so that everyone included in this prophetic team will be on the (proverbial) same page, and all will understand and apply the powerful gift of prophecy that lies within them. Once you’ve gone through the Phase ONE part of the training (10 weeks), you will enter the ongoing, perpetual mentoring/directive Phase TWO portion. We call Phase TWO the “Prophetic Task Force.”

The entire course (both Phases) will include live weekly online Zoom meetings. These live Zoom meetings will allow you to exercise the prophetic life on real issues – helping real people – using real Ekklesia authority to cause the Kingdom of heaven to manifest upon the earth, in real situations.

All are not prophets, but all should “pursue love and desire spirituals, but especially that you may prophesy.”

Join Joshua Anderson as he helps you in your Prophetic Life journey.
(Cost: $39 per month)
(Phase ONE: Students must also purchase the curriculum from Shawn Bolz for $49 - one time charge)






Module 1 Prophetic Life - Phase ONE
Unit 1 Prophetic Life Online Training & Mentoring Course with Joshua Anderson  - Preview
Unit 2 Lesson #1: Prophetic Life
Unit 3 Lesson #2: Prophetic Life
Unit 4 Lesson #3: Prophetic Life
Unit 5 Lesson #4: Prophetic Life
Unit 6 Lesson #5: Prophetic Life
Unit 7 Lesson #6: Prophetic Life
Unit 8 Lesson #7: Prophetic Life
Unit 9 Lesson #8: Prophetic Life
Unit 10 Lesson #9: Prophetic Life – Mentoring Introduction #1
Unit 11 Lesson #10: Prophetic Life – Mentoring Introduction #2